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In Memory of Elijah McClain 

The more I discovered about the case of Elijah McClain, the more heartbroken and disgusted I became.  I immediately thought of the John Lennon song Imagine - which longed for a world free of hatred and evil.  I wrote my own version below as a testament to this innocent young man who was so sweet, he didn't even kill flies.  Authorities in Colorado are now reviewing the circumstances of his death to determine if any persons should be held criminally responsible.  This review is taking place nearly a year after his death in August 2019.


      Imagine Elijah

Elijah went to heaven                                                                

And waited for the time                                                      

To tell his story                                                             

The details of a crime                                                  

Imagine all the people                                                          

Crying out a name                                                                

Elijah you're the memory

That would not be erased

Nothing will hide the fact that

It's such a terrible waste

Imagine all the people

Crying out your name

You may have been a dreamer                                                 

 But you’re not the only one                                                     

 I hope one day there’s justice                                                 

 So that truth has finally won

Elijah you're the angel

Turns darkness into light

Their lies will be revealed

As wrong turns into right

Imagine all the people

Singing out your name

You may have been a dreamer

But you're not the only 

The whole world has awoken

And the lies shall come undone


CNN June 27 2020 -

Elijah McClain

The video below contains an audio podcast that was commissioned by the province for the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services’ FedHealth Talks Series.  The podcast is just over 6 minutes long and offers personal insight into my son's experiences with psychosis and schizophrenia and how it affected our family.

I recently took part in a webinar presentation for the Ontario Caregiver Organization with Registered Psychotherapist Sam Miller.  The 50-minute long video presents both a personal perspective of what it is like to provide assistance for a loved one who is dealing with a mental illness and a professional assessment of the demands that caregivers face.

 The Caregiver Journey - Ontario Caregiver Organization Webinar

      Kicking The Darkness - Free Audible Versions

Unlike most new authors, my intention for publishing Kicking The Darkness wasn't based solely on book sales and  financial compensation.  I wanted my story to serve as an inspiration to those who are dealing with adversity and desolation, and a big part of my initial plan was to donate a substantial amount of books to meet that goal.  

Once the pandemic exploded around the world, I decided that I would post free audible versions of the book online because so many of us were experiencing prolonged lockdowns in our respective societies.  However, no additional chapters will be added unless I determine that there is sufficient interest. 

Kicking the Darkness, a remarkable memoir, serves as both a warning and inspiration to readers, chronicling great personal tragedy and triumph over adversity. Although the stories within these pages may occasionally elicit tears, other accounts will put a smile on your face.

This is the true story of a genuine person who decided at his earliest recollection to persevere over everything that was thrown at him… even death.  It makes the profound statement that life can be incredibly difficult for all, and so we have to remember that, in order to overcome our challenges, we must never stop kicking at the darkness.

       Kicking The Darkness is available at Indigo/Chapters locations in Canada.

                Online orders are available through Indigo and Amazon.

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       Shane Christensen serves as a member of the Institute for Advancements in Mental Health - formerly the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario - Speakers Bureau.

Institute for Advancements in Mental Health

  Shane Christensen shares his personal experiences as an advocate for the Ontario Caregiver Organization.

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